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is a Veteran started touring metal band looking to change the worlds perception on metal
and bring it back into the front lines where it belongs!! 

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Thats right you read it correctly! We have busted our butts on this album and we want to show you all how much you mean to us! While the...

Whats new!

Hey guys! Alot of things are in the works!! We are almost complete with the new album Rise of the Fallen! I know it has taken awhile but...

Get us on Warped Tour!

Whats up guys, Please go to this link, in the link watch the videos and when you see the share button share it on all of your social...

Dead Reckoning National Touring Metal band
NEW Singles: mediApocalypse and PAWNS
PAWNSDead Reckoning
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Dead Reckoning National Touring Metal Band

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