Brothers in metal! K-OS and Brayne throw

"We are the pawns of progress....the sacrificial batteries "

Dead Reckoning is a four piece American Metal band based out of Columbus, GA. Formed in late 2012 by guitarist, and at the time active duty soldier, Mike "K-OS" Spriggs, the band has forged itself over time from four vastly different people into one solid unit, never wavering in its mission to be the sledgehammer smashing through all the walls of fuckery.

Though originally formed by three veterans Dead Reckoning has undergone several lineup changes through the years. Chris Ridley now fronts the band, adding his powerful vocals and unique style to the forge. Guitarist Mike "K-OS" Spriggs has become well-known for his tornado riffs and face melting solos. Drummer Ryan Lake sets the pace with his hard pounding technical attack. And Brian "Brayne "Silverstein glues it all together on bass with a thunderous groove you can feel in your chest. It just becomes one big wall of "fuck yeah!!"

"Rise of the Fallen " released in 2018 as the bands first full length studio album accompanied by a music video for the title track. The band and crew did three US tours in support reaching all but 10 of the lower 48 states. They have made alot of friends and saw alot of amazing bands but the time come to return to the studio.

"mediApocalypse" the first single to be released from the upcoming 2nd Dead Reckoning full length album "As It All Burns" will be available on all streaming platforms along with a new music video mid to late 2021!!

Over the last few years Dead Reckoning has had the honor to share the stage with some of the most bad ass and brutal bands in metal. Lamb of God, Exodus, Exhorder, All That Remains, Whitechapel, Motionless in White, The Genitorturers, Fuel, Orgy, Motograter, Texas Hippie Coalition ,The Convalescence and SPITE just to name a few. It's been a hell of a road but we're not even close to done!! See you all soon!!!

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