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We need your help!

Ok....the big band is trying to help us which blows my mind. They are allowing half down to confirm us and start promoting us. And then the other half day of first show. It's alot but it's still a generous offer I assure you no other band would offer us this and I am crazy appreciative. Most buy ons require full payment in 7 days. To get there we are starting a kickstarter but it takes a few days to get approved so it says. Until then you can buy merch or donate friends and family to our PayPal! You'll receive the same perks we offered in the kickstarter you can see soon.

Being upfront and clear we feel this is the next step for us and we know this will open even more opportunities ahead of us. The full amount is 20k no need to hide it. And we will need 10k asap to lock our spot on. We are working other methods to sell shit and do stuff to make this aswell to include the tours coming up that will help slightly we hope. But I know together we will get there!!! Without a label this is the way!


2 month tour across the US

PayPal: Merch:

Please Share at minimum!!!!!


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