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Pastel Partner Version 11 Free Download [2022]




com to suit your requirements today, and add modules as your business grows. Integrates with: * Clients and Contracts * Customers and Customers * Orders and Invoices .clients .customers .clients.customers .customers.orders How it works Integrate your *clients* module with your core accounting application to get a consolidated view of your customers' accounts. If you are using *REST* operations, you can use the 'AccountCustomer' operation in the *clients* module to directly read/write to a Customers account within your application, to maintain an up to date view of your customer's details. If you need to create, update or delete customers, you can use the 'AccountCustomer' and 'AccountCustomer' operations respectively, to achieve this. In the *clients* module, you can also use the 'AccountCustomer' and 'AccountCustomer' operations to get and set a Customer's *AccountNumber*, *OrganisationCode*, *ContactFirstName*, *ContactLastName*, *ContactEmail*, *CustomerContactName*, *Address1*, *Address2*, *City*, *PostCode*, *Country* and *Telephone* details. The details of the *Clients* module are explained in this topic. Granular Operations *AccountCustomer* The *AccountCustomer* operation allows you to read and write Customer data to your core accounting application. The operation has the following parameters: Operation Name: AccountCustomer Account Number: The account number to operate on (required) Organisation Code: The organisation code to operate on (required) Contact First Name: The contact's first name (required) Contact Last Name: The contact's last name (required) Contact Email: The email address of the contact (required) CustomerContact Name: The name of the contact representing the organisation (required) Address1: The contact's address 1 (required) Address2: The contact's address 2 (optional) City: The contact's city (required) PostCode: The contact's postcode (required) Country: The contact's country (required) Telephone: The contact's telephone (required) Return Value: Returns the contact




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Pastel Partner Version 11 Free Download [2022]

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