Origin:  Columbus GA


Genres:  Metal


Years Active:  2012- Present

About Us:

    Dead Reckoning is an independent metal band based out of Columbus GA with one single mission: To put metal back on its true course! A four-piece machine of destruction that employ shredding guitar, thunderous bass, dynamic drums and unique and powerful vocal style that takes metal back to its ass kicking roots while charging into a new era of brutality!

    Their debut album Rise of the Fallen takes the listener on a sonic journey through hell fusing the many sub genres of metal into one unstoppable force! With an intense and powerful live show no metal head can ever forget and a heavy touring schedule, Dead Reckoning is quickly becoming a mainstay in the metal community.

    They’re currently in the studio working on a follow-up album called As It All Burns and preparing another US tour and a follow on Europe tour. Keep an eye out for release dates and upcoming tours!

Christopher Ridley: Vocals

Mike K-OS Spriggs: Guitar

Ryan Lake: Drums

Brian BRAYNE Silverstein: Bass

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Management: Mike @ deadreckoningofficial69@gmail.com


Booking: Brian @ deadreckoningofficial69@gmail.com



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